Meet our Founder Gemma

Stacie | 29th March 2016

Gemma Cafferkey has waxing in her blood! The original waxing queen, Gemma opened her first waxing salon at the age of 23, specialising in intimate waxing.

“Back then a bikini wax isn’t what it is now”, she laughs, “Like with everything, trends change over time and in the last decade women have moved from wanting a bit off on the knicker line to a full Hollywood or Brazilian. Unfortunately training and product development didn’t moved on so fast and there was a huge gap in the market for both a wax and a technique that works well on the intimate area.” That gap has been filled by waxu, a salon-grade, express intimate waxing collection which combines an advanced wax formula with a specially developed intimate wax technique to provide an incredibly thorough intimate wax treatment that can’t be achieved using a standard hot wax and traditional techniques.

Over the last 12 months waxu has sky-rocketed and the waxu signature intimate wax is now available in waxing salons nationwide. In addition to handling the business side of waxu, Gemma, supported by her dedicated team performs the training of all waxu salons herself, which lends a personal and passionate vibe to the brand. It also ensures that every single therapist is trained by the best of the best!

Below, a Q&A with Gemma, one woman trying to redefine what an intimate wax really is, raise the bar on quality standards and ensure that a great intimate wax is accessible to ALL women, EVERY time.

What was the process of starting waxu like?
It’s been a long time coming! I’ve been specialising in intimate waxing for over a decade and have performed hundreds of thousands of intimate wax treatments. Over time I developed my own techniques to provide a quick, comfortable and extremely thorough intimate wax and I became renowned for offering an exceptional service that kept my clients kept coming back month after month… they even travelled back to Nottingham from abroad! Today these techniques form the cornerstone of the waxu experience.

There are lots of salon-grade waxes available on the market but until waxu there were none that had been specifically developed for use on the intimate area. I tried them all (some are better than others) and was getting increasingly dissatisfied with the results. The intimate area is an extremely difficult part of the body to work on and the wax needs to have a very low melting pint, very rapid drying time and the ability to set extremely thinly to work effectively. With my background and experience I know what it takes to achieve a superior wax and made the decision to develop an intimate waxing collection developed specifically for the intimate area. waxu was born.

Your “About Us” page states that your ‘waxes have been developed by the most demanding, driven therapists – women who understand what it takes to achieve a superior wax, and what it feels like to have one.’ Can you expand on this?
In my Nottingham salon my therapists and I each carry out up to 4 intimate waxes an hour and can deliver a full Hollywood wax in under 7 minutes on the treatment bed. We know everything there is to know about intimate waxing and we know what works and what doesn’t. We took all of this knowledge and experience and poured it into our development process, trialing and testing continuously until the formula was 100% perfect in every way.

Where is your wax produced?
I am proud to say that all waxu waxes are designed, developed and manufactured in Britain and are accredited with the Made in Britain marque. It was very very important to me to work with a UK based laboratory with whom I could collaborate closely in order to create a completely unique wax blend that works perfectly on the intimate area.

What makes waxu different?
waxu is totally unique. It’s not just a product, it’s a highly specialist service and it is totally revolutionising the UK’s intimate waxing market. waxu is an express, intimate waxing treatment – it is extremely thorough and it is delivered in record time!

The waxu product range is only available to salons that have been trained and approved by waxu. This ensures the waxu experience really is incredible, every single time, no matter where you have it done. This standardisation of the service is a first for the UK market and it was long overdue.

What’s next for waxu?
We’re going international! We are launching waxu in our first international salon in the summer, which is a huge move forward for the brand. We also have some very exciting news; a British celebrity has chosen waxu for her salon which is due to open in the next few months… watch this space!