Express Intimate Waxing

Introducing waxu Express Intimate Waxing. Because we believe women deserve beautifully smooth hair-free skin, anywhere they want.

We have developed the next generation in intimate waxing. A waxing salon grade intimate waxing collection that revolutionises hair removal. Luxuriously long-lasting and unbelievably comfortable, it’s professional intimate waxing like you’ve never experienced before.

The signature treatment will leave you with radically smoother skin that has to be touched to be believed. waxu expert therapists know just how to make the waxing experience a comfortable one.

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Professional Wax Supplier

Our high-quality Professional Waxing products we’ve developed are only available to Waxu therapists. Work with a therapist to get the perfect shape you desire or go completely smooth and hairless. The most attractive option for many ladies is the signature intimate wax which leaves you with a single strip or you can have this removed. The process is simple and pain-free, even for those with sensitive skin. With advanced Hollywood waxing, you no longer have to worry about the possibility of discomfort. It has taken years to perfect the wax blend and thanks to waxu, you can kiss unpleasant waxes goodbye. The wax formulas are hypoallergenic containing fragrance from natural aromatherapy oils. The process uses specially formulated wax that is far more effective than shaving and keeps the hair off longer. For waxing near Me choose WaxU Brazilian Waxing!!

We offer a Wholesale Waxing Service to Beauty Salons Nationwide! 

How do you get the best waxing experience? Exfoliating at home will soften your hair follicles and allow for an easier wax. Then, ensure your hair is long enough. Only about a quarter inch of hair is needed for the wax to adhere. Soothing pre and post oils are applied during your session. The waxing results in shrinking your hair follicles, making each subsequent wax easier. The intimate waxing process only takes about 20 minutes on average. How long the treatment will last varies upon your rate of hair growth. Although, the treatment typically lasts 3 to 6 weeks Brazilian Waxes. After the first week, you won’t experience much hair growth. Once it has been three or four weeks after your waxing, you’ll experience more hair growth. Your therapist will provide you with a few tips on how to maintain your intimate waxing.

Professional Waxing waxu is faster than the alternative, allowing you to have a quick appointment and continue your day. Count on waxu for fast and easy hair removal no matter how busy your life is. Finding a waxing salon that offers the special waxu process is easy using the simple salon finder search tool. Choose a location, set an appointment, and get ready to enjoy an unbelievably close waxing experience. Shaving can leave shadows of the hair under the surface leaving the appearance of hair. As you continue to wax, the hair always grows back softer, thinner, and can even diminish over time. If you want a treatment that leaves you feeling incredibly smooth, don’t miss out on the waxu experience.

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waxu express intimate waxing

Dare to bare

We’ve seen it all before; just tell us where you’d like to be hair free and we’ll use our luxury wax blend and specially developed techniques to give you super-smooth results, super fast.

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waxu express intimate waxing

Less Is More

waxu is a the ultimate express intimate wax so it will now take you less time to get exactly what you want. You'll be silky-smooth, fresh and fabulous and out the door before you know it.

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waxu treatments can only be offered by approved salons. You can find one near you using our handy salon finder.

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We’re committed to training every therapist who works with our products, making sure the waxu experience really is incredible, every single time.

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Salon waxu Intimate Wax Training

Our signature intimate wax

The waxu signature intimate wax offers incredibly close, comfortable waxing with virtually no discomfort.

Signature Intimate Wax