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Our waxes have been developed by the most demanding, driven therapists – women who understand what it takes to achieve a superior wax and know what it feels like to have one. This has resulted in the most advanced specialist intimate waxing collection available in the market.

We offer a capsule collection of 4 luxurious Professional Hot waxing products. Gently scented with the soothing aromas of frankincense and sandalwood (which will fragrance the treatment room with a beautiful relaxing aroma) and completely hypo-allergenic you will love using the waxU waxing products range and your customers will love you for it!

All of our products are developed, made and packed in the UK.

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In case you are wondering why our products are rated highly and we have extremely high confidence in the quality and efficiency of our products, there are multiple reasons and benefits of using WaxU waxing products. Apart from the obvious reason that we offer you quality for your money, we have exactly what clients want and at a pocket-friendly price enabling a waxing specialists increase their margins of profits while achieving extraordinary results, talk of killing two birds with one stone. WaxU waxing products deliver the ultimate intimate waxing experience that makes our satisfied clients ask for more!


  1. Using our products is a guaranteed way to deliver satisfaction to your clients.All the way from our Pre-Wax cleanse which is gently fragranced to set the mood of your clients and have a relaxing effect on the client as you prepare both their skin and their mentality for a smooth pain-free, hassle-free waxing routine like they have never experienced before to our luxurious post wax soothe antiseptic.

2. Our waxing products are attractively packaged for easy and enjoyable user experience as well as aesthetics, to improve or accessorise the look and feel of your spa.

3. Using WaxU guarantees efficiency since our products are specially designed to have a low melting point, fast melting speed and a rapid drying time.This will greatly cut down the time a specialist needs to prepare for a waxing routine because her at WaxU we believe that time is money so we save you time and money at a go.

4. All WaxU products are hypoallergenic.This guarantees our specialists that they will have little to no cases of allergic reactions as a result of using our hot wax product.

5. WaxU products have a unique wax blend which guarantees a longer shelf life for our products. Our waxing products are also very stable and at no risk of losing colour or fragrance.

6. Becoming a WaxU therapist also comes with a new developed waxing technique that has clients going crazy for our products.

A specialist that uses our professional hair removal products can not go wrong, its as good a guarantee for success as they come.The futuristic designs and formulas employed to develop our products is a sure recipe for success in your business. WaxU products offer a revolutionary edge in the waxing industry and gives an unparalleled waxing experience.

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waxu Express Pre Wax Cleanse Intimate Waxing

Pre Wax Cleanse

Luxurious lotion which fully cleanses the skin and prepares it for the treatment.

  • antiseptic
  • gently fragranced
  • hypoallergenic
  • speeds up wwax drying time
waxu Intimate Wax Beads

Hot Wax Beads

Advanced wax formula for ultimate hair removal.

  • low melting point and fast melting speed
  • rapid drying time
  • sets thinly
  • flexible, moulding to the the contours of the body
  • gently fragranced with aromatherapy essential oils
  • hypoallergenic
waxu Express Warm Wax

Warm Wax

Advanced wax formula for ultimate hair removal.

  • low melting point and fast melting speed
  • rapid drying time
  • sets thinly
  • flexible, moulding to the the contours of the body
  • gently fragranced with aromatherapy essential oils
  • hypoallergenic
waxu Soothe Express Intimate Waxing

Post Wax Soothe

Luxurious oil which soothes the skin post treatment.

  • antiseptic
  • gently fragranced with a soothing aroma
  • hypoallergenic
waxu Express Intimate Waxing Strips

Branded Wax Strips

High quality honeycomb textured  wax strips.

  • greater adhesion with wax to ensure maximum results
  • 100 strips
waxu Express Intimate Disposable Spatulas

Branded Disposable Spatulas

High quality disposable wooden spatulas.

  • 100 spatulas
waxu Apron Intimate Waxing

Branded Therapists Apron

High quality apron

  • protects clothing

Join the revolution!

waxu can only be purchased by approved professional waxing therapists.

Therapists choose us because we’ll help them offer something extraordinary. If you’re a waxing professional who’s proud of your reputation and wants to offer an exceptional intimate wax service to your clients then waxu is for you.

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