Salon Reviews

Don’t take our word for it! We’re 100% committed to training and supporting every therapist who works with our products, making sure the waxu experience really is incredible, every single time.

“Really enjoyed working with the product. It’s the best and most comfortable was I’ve ever worked with. Also felt very relaxing having the treatment done.”
Chloe, Chloe’s Nails & Beauty

“Had a really good day – loved the product. Very easy to work with and gets fab results. I can’t wait to get going with waxu!”
Gemma, Beauty Gem’s, Nottingham

“Really enjoyed the training. waxu products are amazing and Steph was great!”
Madeleine, Beauty by Madi

“Absolutely loved the training. Steph was amazing, she made me feel really comfortable with the wax. The technique is really clear and simple to follow.”
Lucky, LUX Beauty & Aesthetics, Nottingham

“The training was excellent. Very thorough. I picked up lots of tips, love the feel of the wax whilst performing the treatment and having the treatment done!”
Lorraine, Exhale, Ireland

“I love waxu – it’s so easy to use, my skin felt great afterwards, there was no redness. Im looking forward to working with waxu wax in my salon!”
Celene, Exhale, Ireland

“I have been waxing for 17 years now and still picked up tips! The training has been very beneficial. Steph is fantastic – the product is really great and easy to work with. Thank you so much.”
Leanne, Springfield Beauty Clinic, Wakefield, UK

“I found the training extremely helpful and informative. Demonstrations were really good. Good guidance and instructions.”
Leanne, Sally Montague, Derbyshire, UK

“I found the training really helpful and especially having the booklet and visual too! Steph was super helpful with the best techniques – thank you!”
Grace, Sally Montague, Derbyshire, UK

“The wax was almost pain free! I was very surprised, I haven’t sone much waxing recently and felt it was much easier than I thought. Steph was very knowledgable, helpful and answered all my questions.”
Holly, Sally Montague, Derbyshire, UK

“The training was amazing and is a whole new world to waxing. The consistency of the wax is really great and easy to work with. It was my first intimate wax and was a different experience. I don’t feel like I’ve just had it done and theres absolutely no irritation or tenderness in the area. Cant wait to get going with it, thank you!”
Emma, The Beauty Studio, Sheffield, UK

“Enjoyable training, always feels good to update my knowledge. Made to feel very comfortable in the training. Im excited about having waxu in the salon!”
Joanna, Beauty Barn, UK

“Amazing product. Amazing training. Looking forward to a great future relationship with waxu!”
Emma, V Beauty Salon, UK

“I am so impressed with this product. Steph has left me feeling very confident about going into a salon and performing a Signature waxu Intimate Wax treatment. As I write this review there is no discomfort or knowledge that Ive even had any waxing done – many thanks.”
Vicky, UK

“I found the waxu training very thorough. Ive been given a lot of information and knowledge to feel confident using waxu.”
Nour, The Retreat Rooms, UK

“Fantastic training delivered by Steph! Thorough, professional and informative. Particularly liked how small the group was today as I felt like I received one on one training and was able to ask plenty of questions. Cant wait to offer this treatment to my new and existing clients. Thank you!”
Wishing Well Being, UK

“Super impressed with the waxu wax training! The training was precise, quick and completely pain free. Big thanks to the trainers for taking the time to make sure I was comfortable and confident when carrying out the treatment myself. I cant wait for my clients to try the waxu Signature intimate wax!”
Lynn, Kellow Beauty, Glasgow, UK

“I like the wax and the training was very helpful!”
Jodie, Admire Beauty, Northampton, UK

“I liked the wax and really enjoyed doing the treatment – thank you!”
Danielle, Admire Beauty, Northampton, UK

“Wonderful morning training with waxu. Very informative – I feel confident to go back to the salon and do the treatment.”
Ruth, Beauty First at Headfirst, Leeds, UK

“Fabulous training, really enjoyed it – 5*”
Rachel, Beauty First at Headfirst, Leeds, UK

“I found the training really good. An excellent product – I feel more confident after the waxu training and I’m looking forward to waxing again!”
Rebecca, Respa Beauty, Birmingham, UK

“I really enjoyed the waxu training – learning about the product and how it works. It was also good to have the treatment done myself and to be shown he correct way to use the products.”
Chelsie, Respa Beauty, Birmingham, UK

“Today’s waxu training has been really enjoyable to learn, very thorough and well explained. It’s going to be a great product to start using in our salon.”
Joanne, Respa Beauty, Birmingham, UK

“The training was really easy and simply explained. Just like the product itself. Simple, neat and quick!”
Era, Respa Beauty, Birmingham, UK

“Today has been very informative and interesting. The product itself is of a very high standard and nothing like any other wax I’ve ever used. Im glad I have chose waxu!”
Joe, Tanning Lounge, Kent, UK

“Loved to wax, really impressed that there were no redness. The wax is easy to use and the trainers were really helpful and knowledgable.”
Sadie, Advanced Beauty, Romford, UK

“Just want to say a big thanks to Gemma and Steph on the training today. I lost my confidence with waxing years ago, but I have gained it back thanks to you. I love the products and cant wait to get started!”
Kim, Beauty with Kim, Peterborough, UK

“A fabulous and very informative day. This product and method is far more superior to anything I’ve ever used. Super excited to use it on my clients!”
Linda, Solitude, Essex, UK

“I found the training really good and the girls were really helpful. I was a bit nervous to start with but now I’m feeling fully confident – thank you!”
Emily, Treatments by Em, Peterborough, UK

“Excellent training, we covered everything with theory, video and practice. The girls were so helpful and informative. I cant wait to get started! Thank you x”
Lisa, Beautiful You, Essex, UK

“The training was very informative and thorough. Lovely, quick and much less painful!”
Katie, Taylored Beauty, Hampshire, UK

“The training was really simple and easy to follow. Steph was really helpful and reassuring as I had never done an intimate wax before!”
Sam, Taylored Beauty, Hampshire, UK

“Great thorough training for this pain free waxing system! I love how the wax sets on contact – truly amazing!”
Taylored Beauty, Hampshire, UK

“Fantastic morning. Really easy to follow the training. Steph knows her stuff! Can’t wait to get stuck in.”
Taylored Beauty, Hampshire, UK

“Really informative, thorough training and a totally relaxed atmosphere. I was very nervous about having it done but was so pain free!”
Taylored Beauty, Hampshire, UK

“I went on my waxu training this morning and I really enjoyed it. Gemma and Steph were great, really informative and the practical was really good. I cant wait to get waxu in my salon and carry out the treatment on my clients!”
Hannah, Beauty at Seventeen, Exeter, UK

“To start with I was a little apprehensive however the waxing was very comfortable to have done. Gemma and Steph made the training enjoyable and were very thorough and clear with the instructions. I would definitely recommend the training and the wax to other therapists and clients.”
Sarah, Bourne Valley Beauty, Andover, UK

“Really enjoyed the waxu training! Really helpful ladies I feel a lot more comfortable with intimate waxing after having completed the training.”
Demi, Sally Montague, Derby, UK

“The waxu training was very good. The teachers were very helpful and supportive – I enjoyed today.”
Amelia, Sally Montague, Derby, UK

“Thoroughly enjoyed my training with waxu. I felt very comfortable and felt like everything was explained very well. Thank you for a great day.”
Alison, Oxygen Hair & Beauty, Nottingham, UK

“This was the most comfortable intimate wax I have ever experienced and would definitely have another! I would recommend this to everyone 100% – thank you! x”
Zoe, Oxygen Hair & Beauty, Nottingham, UK

“I found the training very good as every product was explained in depth. The actual treatment was supported by the trainers, so there was always help available if needed during the intimate wax.”
Charlotte, Bella Beauty, Skegness, UK

“Todays training was fresh and really helpful. Gemma and Steph were both so professional. They made me feel at ease when I had my first ever intimate wax! Highly recommended!”
Beccie, The Treatment Room, Guernsey, UK

“Gemma and Steph are very precise and clear with information and the training. The videos and books are great for training, and to see the actual intimate wax procedure. The wax is fabulous and virtually pain free. Easy to use, feels lovely and smooth and totally different to other waxes! Really enjoyed the training and will definitely recommend. Thanks ladies – I’m glad to be part of the waxu family!”
Lauren, The Beauty Lounge, Nottingham, UK

“Fantastic day of training with the waxu team! Very comfortable waxing experience with very knowledgable trainers – well worth doing.”
Linda, Linda B’s Nails, Beauty and Tanning, North Yorkshire, UK

“Had a great day training. The girls are fab – I learnt so much!”
Nails & Beauty by Laura, Rochdale, UK

“Amazing training! Cannot wait to give my clients the waxu experience!”
Amrie Beauty, Penally, UK

“The training with Steph and Gemma at waxu was professional and thorough. The wax is lovely to work with, unlike any wax I’ve used in the last 18 years as a therapist!”
Brazilian Peach, Kilmarnock, UK

“Fantastic training day! Very informative and brilliant waxing technique. Steph left us feeling confident to perform the treatment on clients.”
Core Beauty, Nottingham, UK

“I loved the treatment! Amazing brand, smells amazing and so easy to use! Removes an amazing amount of hair.”
Core Beauty, Nottingham, UK

“I have been having intimate waxing for over 25 years and have just had my first Waxu experience. It is, quite honestly, the best and fastest wax I’ve ever had. The wax itself goes on smoothly, neatly and sets without hardening and going tight onto your skin. It has left my skin smooth and conditioned. With absolutely no redness and no dryness whatsoever. I am now a waxu convert and wouldn’t use any other hot wax.”
A Happy Client, Nottingham, UK

“waxu has transformed my dread of intimate waxing. It’s no where near as painful, no tenderness after waxing. I’m now happy to add underarm waxing as I know I can bear it! Excellent waxing system can’t reccomend it highly enough.”
Client Review – Vanessa, Radiance Beauty, Halifax, UK

“I thought the training was fantastic, Steph was very professional and talked through every step carefully. I felt completely at ease both as the model and completing the treatment”
Bodywise Beauty Studio, Bolton, UK

“The training was explained very well! Steph made me feel really confident in what I was doing”
Bodywise Beauty Studio, Bolton, UK

“Really enjoyed the training. Both the trainers were very helpful. Would recommend the service”
Solarium Beauty, East Yorkshire, UK

“Enjoyed the course. Fab technique – east and fast! The girls were lovely and very helpful”
Solarium Beauty, East Yorkshire, UK

“Training was brilliant – would recommend!”
Solarium Beauty, East Yorkshire, UK

“The treatment was brilliant and professional. I would recommend waxu”
Solarium Beauty, East Yorkshire, UK

“Very thorough, friendly educators. A lot going on but the more i do, the better i get!”
Solarium Beauty, East Yorkshire, UK

“I loved the training and the products. Cant wait to use waxu on clients!”
Radiance Beauty, Halifax, UK

“Very quick and easy. Steph talked through each step with me. After a few more i will feel more confident – thank you!”
Radiance Beauty, Halifax, UK

“Great, precise training with warm friendly trainers. Amazing treatment”
Radiance Beauty, Halifax, UK

“Really good training. Went through everything properly. I feel confident using the products. Quick and easy process”
Radiance Beauty, Halifax, UK

“Fab training – thorough practical and theory. Lovely trainers who put me at ease. Very accommodating!”
The Beauty Loft, Lincoln, UK

“Training went really well. In depth and helpful. Answered any questions we had. Overall a great experience. The tutors were really good”
The Beauty Loft, Lincoln, UK

“Lovely ladies, thorough training, well explained and an easy process. The wax is great!”
The Beauty Loft, Lincoln, UK

“Very clear and easy. I really enjoyed the training and am feeling confident to perform this treatment now. The girls were fab!”
The Beauty Loft, Lincoln, UK

“Very thorough one to one training. During the whole treatment the waxu girls were very welcoming and made everyone feel at ease – even the shy ones new to waxing! Very good!”
Belle Amie, Pershore, UK

“Enjoyed the training and the girls were helpful”
Sparkle & Go, Nottingham, UK

“Fantastic training! Professional and friendly. Looking forward to getting started in the salon!”
Sparkle & Go, Nottingham, UK

“I really enjoyed the training today. Gemma and Steph are fantastic and very thorough with the training. The products are amazing!”
Sparkle & Go, Nottingham, UK

“Todays training was fab! The girls are so professional”
Beauty Avenue, Liverpool, UK

“Fabulous training – amazing techniques! Love the waxu products and can’t wait to use them in the salon!”
Luxe Beauty & Wellness, Altrincham, UK

“Really enjoyed todays course. I found the training really fun. The waxu trainers were lovely and very helpful”
The Beauty Lounge, Northumberland, UK

“Excellent training. Beautiful wax that isn’t sticky. Looking forward to working with this band of wax”
Sunflower Beauty, East Yorkshire, UK

“The course made me a lot more confident in waxing. Lovely ladies and very helpful”
Beauty Avenue, Liverpool, UK

“I love the wax, and the training”
La Parisienne Beauty, Stockport, UK

“Great product and great training!”
Clarity Beauty, Manchester, UK

“Really great training. Great products, better than any other intimate waxing products I’ve used previously. Feel really confident to perform treatments on clients straight away. Brill!”
Joli Nails and Beauty, Buxton, UK

“Love the wax, will walk away feeling confident after lots of practice on a model! The support was great. Looking forward to being a stockist of waxu!”
Flawless Nail and Beauty Bar, Darlington, UK

“Really impressed by the wax.Easy and thorough to use leaving a really smooth result. Fantastic training, relaxed and friendly atmosphere”
Flawless Nail and Beauty Bar, Darlington, UK

“Im so glad to have done the waxu training, I’ve learnt so many more techniques and skills to enable me to give my clients the best possible wax! Thank you to Steph and waxu for this opportunity – looking forward to being part of the waxu family!”
Wax Away, Birmingham, UK

“The training was excellent. Steph was very thorough and patient. Went through everything in great detail leaving me feeling confident enough to go straight into waxu waxing!”
The Beauty Room, Ilkeston, UK

“Great training. Very thorough – I have learnt a lot with waxu”
Woodall Well Being, Lincoln, UK

“I have really enjoyed the waxu training today. Steph our trainer has been so lovely and patient with myself and the girls. Actually felt very relaxed throughout having my hollywood done which is a first! Very pain free. Can’t wait to get started on our clients!”
Haven Beauty, Leeds, UK

“The waxu training was really informative and I enjoyed every minute. Steph is amazing and made us feel really comfortable. I have learnt so much from her”
Haven Beauty, Leeds, UK

“I have really enjoyed the waxu training today. I was a bit nervous as I have never had an intimate wax done before. I really liked getting the treatment done and performing the treatment! After a waxu I will never go back to shaving, I will happily keep to waxing now. Steph was amazing, she made us feel comfortable and she helped us a lot. I learnt a lot from her”
Haven Beauty, Leeds, UK

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Training was excellent, thorough and so patient. Really looking forward to launching. Excellent treatment experience which is always a benefit”
Broughton Therapies, Leicester, UK

“Would like to say thank you to the waxu ladies for today’s training, it was brilliant. Your knowledge and passion are the main reason I joined you. I’m now looking forward to being part of the waxu family”
Broughton Therapies, Leicester, UK

“Friendly, helpful, professional training. Would highly recommend waxu”
Avoca Beauty, Lincoln, UK

“Enjoyable waxing experience. Great training”
Avoca Beauty, Lincoln, UK

“Fabulous – really enjoyed the training. Very good”
Avoca Beauty, Lincoln, UK

“Absolutely loved the training. Friendly and quick. Cant wait to get set up in my salon and try out waxu”
Beauty @ No6, Matlock, Derbyshire, UK

“Very informative and helpful. I look forward to carrying out more treatments with the waxu products. Steph was really helpful, answered all our questions fully and made the training an enjoyable experience.”
Declaré Beauty & Wellbeing, Derbyshire, UK

“Todays waxu training was amazing! Very thorough and to the point. We absolutely love the products. Looking forward to getting started in the salon. Steph was an absolute gem! Thanks to the waxu team!”
Blush and Blow, London, UK

“Brilliant training session, loved the wax and the technique. Feel much more confident now doing an intimate wax!”
Blush and Blow, London, UK

“Teachers are very professional and beautiful. Really looking forward to working with waxu. I think its brilliant. Thanks!”
Snyrtistofan Hrund, Reykjavik, Iceland

“Brilliant and professional training. Really love the wax. Looking forward to working with it!”
Snyrtistofan Hrund, Reykjavik, Iceland

“waxu is a very good wax. Good to work with, fast drying time and gives a good end result. The teachers were nice and very professional – the training was very good.”
Snyrtistofan Hrund, Reykjavik, Iceland

“We found the training amazing and loved the technique. Even as very experienced waxers, the training was fast, efficient and extremely beneficial. Your trainers were so confident and really got all of our girls stuck in and feeling confident in themselves to perform the treatment to the best of the ability. Thanks so much!”
Amirii Treatment Rooms, Shoreham-By-Sea, UK

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful training we did. It was very interesting and I learnt so much. Ive been waxing for 20 years now and have always been very interested to learn more. I never thought that I would experience ‘pain free’ waxing but wow, just wow! I carried out my first treatment on a client and she absolutely loved it and was just as blown away as I was!”
Below The Booth, West Yorkshire, UK

“The training was useful to learn new techniques with the hot wax. It was more comfortable than I thought it would be. The trainers were very helpful and supportive and I felt they gave as much knowledge as they could. Very friendly and experienced trainers.”
Beauty with Sarah, Lancashire, UK

“Training was thorough and I will definitely use all the techniques. The class was small which made it more comfortable and less embarrassing.”
Caroline Hatton Beauty, Merseyside, UK

“When I arrived at the training I felt nervous and apprehensive about carrying out the treatment. I was encouraged and supported throughout my training with waxu. I felt this system hurt less than other treatments I have previously tried. I never thought I would try this treatment again after today but having a waxu treatment has changed my mind about this.”
Absolute Beauty, Liverpool, UK

“Really enjoyed waxu training today. Very thorough, steph was very patient. Explained and helped without taking over the treatment. Im feeling very confident to go back to the salon and carry out the intimate wax treatment.”
Total Beauty, UK

“The training was very thorough. Made me feel relaxed about performing the treatment and having an intimate wax. I now feel confident I can put it into practice and perfect the technique. Thank you.”
Beauty Therapy, East Yorkshire, UK

“I have been qualified for over 8 years in different areas of beauty but would have never attempted intimate waxing until now. The girls have made it so easy and with the small group sizes it was super enjoyable.”
The Beauty Box, London, UK

“The training was useful and it was great to learn new techniques with the hot wax. It was far more comfortable than I thought it would be. The trainers were very friendly, experienced, helpful and supportive and I felt they gave as much knowledge as they could.”
Beauty With Sarah, Lancashire, UK