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With waxu you can achieve extraordinarily smooth results, faster than ever before. This isn’t just lip service – this translates to real and measurable benefits for you and your business.

Our advanced wax formula sets thinly and moulds to the contours of the skin so you only need to use a small amount to achieve extraordinarily smooth results, saving you money on wax.

Our revolutionary formula and specialist techniques give super-smooth results, super fast. waxu women walk out feeling wonderful. No soreness, no sensitivity, just beautifully smooth, irresistible results they’ll come back for, again and again, giving you a base of loyal repeat clients.

The waxu revolution is spreading fast and women all of the country are asking for waxu to come to a salon near them. Take advantage and become the waxü specialist in your town and benefit from a constant stream of new clients from the waxu website.

With the waxu brand behind you can charge a minimum of £25 (and many of our salons charge up to £45) for our Signature Intimate Wax and with our combination of advanced wax formulas and specially developed techniques you can turn around up to 3 waxes an hour, increasing your daily revenue.

Join the revolution!

Therapists choose us because we’ll help them offer something extraordinary. If you’re a waxing professional who’s proud of your reputation and wants to offer an exceptional intimate wax service to your clients then waxu is for you.

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waxu Express Intimate Wax Hot Wax Beads

Developed for intimate areas

Scented with the aromas of comforting frankincense and soothing sandalwood, waxu offers incredibly close, comfortable waxing with virtually no discomfort.

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Our commitment to you

We believe in bringing women a super-fast, super-comfortable intimate wax, for gorgeous, silky-smooth skin like they’ve never experienced before.

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Salon waxu Intimate Wax Training

Created for professionals

We’re committed to training every therapist who works with our products, making sure the waxü experience really is incredible, every single time.

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