Our Intimate Waxing Expert

Our owner and founder Gemma Cafferkey opened her first waxing salon in her home town of Nottingham at just 23 and over the last decade has earned a reputation as the UK’s leading expert in intimate waxing.

Performing up to 4 intimate waxes an hour, day in, day out there’s nothing that Gemma doesn’t know about intimate waxing and she has poured this knowledge, expertise and experience into waxu.

All of the techniques used by waxu therapists are 100% unique and were all developed by Gemma to ensure a thorough, quick and comfortable intimate wax. Combined with waxu’s advanced wax formula, developed by Gemma in collaboration with a UK based laboratory, waxu is an intimate waxing experience like you’ve never felt before.

As well as handling the day to day management of waxu, Gemma continues to manage her Nottingham city centre salon and day spa. She is also a hands on mum to three boys under 5!

Find out more about Gemma and what waxu means to her.