Gemma Impresses The Dragons!

Stacie | 19th January 2017


The pressure was most definitely on for our owner and founder Gemma Cafferkey last Sunday, being the first to enter the den on BBC Two’s popular TV show Dragons’ Den.

Gemma was pitching for a £50,000 investment in waxu Express Intimate Waxing in exchange for a 10% share of the business. Knowing her business inside out and keeping her cool throughout, Gemma’s pitch was rock solid and the five multi-millionaire Dragons were keen to find out as much as possible. Especially Touker Suleyman who was brave enough to volunteer for a leg wax, which he later said was “very smooth and comfortable!”

Despite opting out of the investment, all five Dragons gave extremely positive feedback about the business and it’s future. Touker Suleyman stated that Gemma “didn’t need a Dragon” and that she should “keep the business to herself”. Deborah Meaden was also impressed with waxu but felt she couldn’t add any extra value to the business, stating “with or without a dragon I sense from you that you’re going to do really, really well!”

“It’s the most nerve wrecking feeling walking into the den and facing the five Dragons! Although I didn’t get the backing, I feel that the outcome couldn’t have been better! Each Dragon was very supportive about my business and felt they couldn’t add anything extra, which is very reassuring and I take as a huge compliment.” stated Gemma after leaving the den.

Twitter users quickly took a liking to Gemma and her confident pitch, giving her a mass of support and encouragement. “I was overwhelmed with all of the positive comments and feedback across social media. Since the show aired, we’ve been inundated by therapists asking about our product and training and wanting to use waxu in their salons! As a team we are very excited to see what the future holds”.

waxu is currently available in over 100 waxing salons across the UK and also a spa in Iceland. If you would like any more information on waxu Express Intimate Waxing please get in touch – we would love to welcome you into the waxu family!

If you missed the episode you can catch up on BBC iPlayer – Dragons’ Den, Sunday 15th January 2017.