Meet Steph – Our Intimate Waxing Expert!

Stacie | 1st November 2016


Steph has been working with waxu Express Intimate Wax for over a year, providing training to salons across the UK and internationally. With over a decade of experience in the beauty trade, she is passionate about and dedicated to ensuring that every single therapist receives the best intimate wax training in the market. We asked Steph to answer a few questions for us about what it’s like working daily with waxu and how it feels training new salons with our wax.

What propelled your interest in being a beautician?

“In the last few years of secondary school I knew that continuing my education academically wasn’t something that I wanted to do – I wanted to work in a busy, hands on environment where I could make women feel good about themselves! So clearly the beautician route was the way forward for me. Looking into the role of a beautician I was very impressed with the variety within the job; from eyebrows to nails, a beautician can offer everything to give you that feel good factor. Taking a keen interest in waxing I went onto study beauty therapy in 2005. My passion and determination enabled me to sail through my training, working in various waxing salons along the way to gain great experience within the extensive beauty industry.”

When did you start working with waxu?

“I met Gemma just before waxu was ready to launch last year. Working with the wax and Gemma I knew straight away that I wanted to be part of the waxu family – Gemma’s passion for waxing was inspiring and the product is the best I’ve worked with.”

What is your typical work day like?

“A typical day at waxu can be anything from admin work, training new salons with the wax to attending trade shows! I love the variation of the job, travelling all over the UK and even recently I was lucky enough to train a salon with waxu in Reykjavic, Iceland! At waxu we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction so following up with salons is key. We make sure each and every therapist is satisfied with the training and confident in delivering the treatment and ensure they are getting on with the wax in their salons and that their clients are happy with the end results.”

How did you deal with nerves when you first started training salons with waxu?

“The first few training sessions were tough, I was so nervous, but the continued support from Gemma made me break through the nerves and provide the best training every time. I feel very lucky to travel around the country teaching salons the fab techniques we use to give women the best intimate wax of their lives!”

Why is waxu different from other wax products in the market?

“waxu was created by an intimate waxing expert, formulated specifically for the intimate area. Many problems which I had encountered prior to using waxu with existing formulas out there were finally solved. From a quicker wax setting time and lower melting temperature, to the flexibility of the wax and the unique aromatherapy fragrances, waxu puts a huge focus on quality of service and exceptional customer experience. Every therapist has to complete the waxu training before they can use our product in their salons on clients, so we know that every waxu treatment is perfect every time.”

How long does the training take?

“This is dependant on how many therapist’s are on the course really – usually no more than one day. We follow up to ensure the therapist’s are happy with the wax and techniques. If a therapist needs a little more help or to talk about anything then we make ourselves available to do that. The most important thing for us is to ensure the therapist leaves the waxu training 100% confident!”

Are the techniques different from the intimate wax training you receive from the C&G Level 2 Certificate in Waxing?

“Back when I was training as a beauty therapist, there wasn’t any training for the intimate areas – only a basic bikini line wax! I feel this makes waxu the best package to have in salons, giving thorough training specific to the intimate area. Not only giving fabulous techniques to therapist’s but also the confidence to perform the treatment on clients.”

What do you like most about training therapists with waxu?

“Everything – the training is my favourite part of the job! waxu is truly a fantastic product to work with and the best intimate waxing brand on the market by far. I love seeing the therapist’s confidence grow throughout the training. The job is very rewarding and gives me a feel good factor after every training session.”

If you’d like to be part of the waxu family, come and take our one-day intimate wax courses and learn how to give your clients an exceptional express intimate wax. In order to register for one of our trainingwaxing courses you must have a minimum of a C&G Level 2 Certificate in Waxing (or equivalent). We look forward to hearing from you!