The Perfect Travel Guide for Women

Stacie | 22nd June 2017


Traveling can wreak absolute havoc on our skin and hair! Unfortunately with baggage restrictions and allowances, we can’t always take all of the items that we use in our daily beauty and skin routines. Fear not though – our team at waxu have compiled a list of top 5 holiday tips to ensure you have an easy, stress-free, fantastic holiday, keeping yourself in tip-top condition!

1. Miniatures – buying everything in miniature can sometimes be more expensive than the full product size. You can pick up small 100ml bottles and simply decant your existing shampoos, creams and body wash! We’ve found this handy 6 pack of bottles on eBay for just £2.65! Perfect for travelling with just hand luggage on short weekend breaks.

2. Nails – it’s great to have fresh nails on holiday but taking, polish, nail files and remover can take up much needed suitcase space! Book in and treat your fingers and toes to a Gel Polish! Gel will stay vibrant in colour and is very chip resistant as apposed to generic nails polishes – giving you beautiful nails for your entire holiday!

3. Hair care – if you’re lucky enough to be jetting of somewhere hot, the humidity doesn’t always agree with our lovely locks. The sun can also be very damaging to our hair so try to wear a hat for protection. Also, after washing, try to let your hair dry naturally avoiding the extra heat from hair appliances.  Check out these amazing ‘updos’ on our Pinterest board – perfect for the humid nights!

4. Make up – try to keep it to a minimum on holiday. Thick foundations will only make you hotter and block up your pores. Clinique offer a great range of face sunscreen’s appropriate for sensitive skin offering SPF 25, 30, 35 or 40 – protecting your skin against harmful rays.

5. Choose waxu – book in for your waxu Express Intimate Wax before you jet off! Waxing your bikini area will only take around 15 minutes of your time and will ensure that you will be bikini ready for the duration of your holiday. You can use our handy salon finder to locate your nearest waxu approved salon!

We hope these top tips help you, keep it simple and most of all have fun!