Salon of the Month – April

salon of the month

A huge congratulations to the lovely Someena from Wax Away for being salon of the month for April!

Wax Away is a home based salon in Birmingham offering a range of beauty treatments from waxing to facials. Someena is a very experienced beauty therapist and has built her business by herself, keeping clients coming back time after time with her fab treatments.

How long have you been using waxu Express Intimate Wax and why did you initially choose the brand?

I’ve been using waxu since August 2016 after completing my waxu Express Intimate Wax training. I would never go back to my old intimate waxing methods or the products that I used previously. I chose waxu as I attended a trade show and saw them advertising their products. I was looking for a better product and was impressed with the demo at the show and the effort that has gone into developing the product as it centres around the client to give them the best possible treatment.

What makes waxu different to other waxing products currently on the market?

waxu is so much more different to any other wax on the market that I’ve tried. It’s so easy to use and I can see a difference on the client compared to other conventional methods. Most importantly my clients have noticed the difference and are much happier now that I’ve started using waxu – to the point where they recommend it to their friends and family! So many clients have told me horror stories when they’ve been waxed previously at other salons with other products and all my clients are so impressed with waxu as it’s less painful, quick to have done and leaves them with no lasting pain. Once they’ve stood up they don’t even feel that they’ve had a wax, so their satisfaction gives me satisfaction.

What do you love most about waxu?

I love that waxu wax is so versatile – you just can’t go wrong!

What do you do to keep your clients coming back month after month?

I feel like I don’t really need to remind clients to come back, most book themselves in as they are so impressed with the waxu treatment. All of my reviews from my customers have been so positive that new clients book in only for the reason, that the reviews of waxu are so good. I love it when clients ask more questions about the wax as the training gives us a comprehensive overview about it all and so I feel I can confidently give them all the advice and guidance that they need.


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