Salon of the Month – December

Congratulations to Katherine Bamford from Signature Spa at Carvynick Country Club in Cornwall for being our Salon of the Month for December. We sat down with Katherine for a quick chat about why she chose waxu for her salon and what her customers think of the waxu signature wax.

How long have you been using waxu express intimate wax and why did you initially choose the brand?

I was looking for a brand that offered something different, something that was dedicated to the intimate wax rather than one that did it all. I brought waxu in about 18 months ago as it ticked all the boxes as a superior wax.

What makes waxu different to other waxing products currently on the market?

For me it is how the wax works, it stays flexible but sets fasts, it leaves no sticky residue and leaves the skin afterwards healthy and soft. Clients have also reported that it is far less painful than other products they have been subjected to. Let’s face it, no one really looks forward to getting their bits out so the faster, less painful and more efficient you make the treatment leads to happier clients.

What do you love most about waxu?

Customer support! The team behind the brand are all just so damn nice! Of course the actual product is fantastic, but couple that with the fact that waxu actually care about your business and offering you help and advice even after you have parted with your hard earned dosh, it is a win win.

What do you do to keep your clients coming back month after month?

I have a loyalty scheme for those who are regulars, but I find that my clients like the fact that I don’t beat around the bush, pardon the pun, but I try to make them feel as relaxed and comfortable as I can from the first time they bare all. Having an intimate wax can be nerve wracking, not just from scaling of the pain factor, but it is being at ease with your therapist. Using waxu branding has for me shown that it is about the client comfort.

If you are in the area make sure you check them out!

Signature Spa
Carvynick Country Club

07940 863592


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