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Conquering Intimate Waxing Nerves

Intimate waxing can be a pretty intimidating and daunting experience, especially for first time clients. As an intimate waxing professional it is vital that you make your clients feel at ease and as comfortable as possible pre, during and post treatment. Luckily there are a few simple steps you can incorporate into your treatment process to help your client to feel relaxed and prepared for the treatment.

Before you begin it is useful to let your client get acquainted with the waxing room and inform them as to what is going to happen and when, so that they know what to expect. A client who doesn’t know what is going to happen will be nervous about the process, the exposure and the fear of pain so be calm and reassuring and explain what’s going to happen step by step.

Once you’re confident that the client is informed and relaxed give them some privacy to undress and get comfortable on the treatment bed. Always provide your client with a towel for modesty and don’t forget to knock and say who it is before you enter the room. After the client has had a few moments alone they may have a few more questions about the treatment. Clear up any queries and ensure that they are comfortable and ready for the waxing to commence.

Before you start applying hot wax to the intimate area apply a little wax onto the client’s leg to test the temperature. With waxu we include the client as much as possible in the treatment to ensure an extremely thorough finish. Don’t be shy about asking the client to move if you need them to and get them to hold their skin taut throughout the treatment. Before you remove the wax let your client know that you are going to do so and ask them to take a deep breath. Keeping the skin taut and taking deep breaths is the key to an easy, pain-free, successful intimate wax.

Ensure you keep your client well informed, not just at the beginning but throughout the whole process and keep checking that they are OK. Making light conversation can help the client to feel at ease and comfortable with you though this varies from client to client so take your cues from them.

If the client is particularly nervous it can sometimes cause them to perspire. If this happens simply use some cotton wool to dab up the excess moisture. Alternatively use a little talcum powder to clear the area and then continue with the treatment.

By following these simple steps, using a good quality wax and employing a great technique specifically designed for the intimate area you will achieve a successful, thorough, pain free, quick and easy intimate wax and will have a happy, confident client who will book their next appointment before leaving the waxing salon!


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