Before And After Care for the Perfect Intimate Wax


Summer is approaching fast and it’s time to get your body beach ready! Bikini season means bikini’s and bikini’s means waxing… everywhere! A good intimate wax will make you feel confident and comfortable, even in the teeniest of bikini’s, so what are you waiting for? As well as finding a great therapist who specialises in intimate waxing, a good pre and post wax routine is crucial to the waxing process and will help make your intimate wax more comfortable and last longer – win win! Luckily our waxu expert therapists are here to give you a helping hand and guide you through.

Before your intimate wax

So you are booked in for your intimate wax at your local salon but aren’t quite sure what you need to do in preparation. We have compiled a list of 5 top tips to ensure you’re fully prepared and ready for your intimate wax.

• Determine what type of wax you want beforehand. There are various different results you can achieve through waxing your intimate area, from a simple bikini wax to a full Hollywood wax. If you can’t decide what you want then don’t worry, your therapist will help guide you. Our waxu Signature Intimate Wax is our most popular option, removing all hair from the pubic region.
• Make sure your hair is long enough to wax. Ideally the hair should be at least a quarter of an inch for the wax to fully remove the hair from the root.
• Be fresh. Have a shower and lightly exfoliate a couple of hours prior to your intimate wax. Your body produces its own natural oils and these act as a barrier between the wax and your skin.
• Try and avoid booking your appointment during your premenstrual cycle. Your skin is often more sensitive around this time so it’s good to book your appointment a couple of days before or after your period.
• Stay away from alcoholic or caffeine fuelled drinks before your intimate wax. Although it may seem like a good idea to have a tipple before your intimate wax it’s best not to do this as alcohol and caffeine can actually make your skin more sensitive.

After your intimate wax

To maintain a beautiful, long-lasting, smooth result follow our simple aftercare tips from the experts at waxu.

Immediately after your intimate wax

It’s completely normal for people to experience a little redness in the intimate area. Don’t worry, this is a temporary reaction and should subside within a few hours.

Because the waxing procedure removes hair from the root it’s vital that you keep the area clean and bacteria free. This means for the 24 hours after your intimate wax:

• Avoid sunbathing or tanning beds. If you are lucky enough to be going on holiday try to book your intimate wax a day or two before you jet off.
• Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools, spa baths or saunas.
• Avoid the use of lotions, perfumes, tanning products, especially fragranced or alcohol based products.
• Ensure to keep the area clean and dry and try not to touch the waxed area.
• Try to wear loose fitting clothing.
• Avoid any excessive exercise as perspiration can clog the hair follicles.

3 – 10 Days after your intimate wax

In this time your skin closes over the follicles. This is when the new and often softer hair can get trapped under the skin so now is the time to prevent those pesky ingrown hairs. A few simple measures can really help.

• Gently exfoliate your skin every 3-4 days.
• Keep your skin moisturised to help to keep your skin supple and help new hairs to break through.
• Don’t shave between waxing appointments. Shaving simply cuts the hair above the skin and  will distort the hair growth cycle.
• If you do get an ingrown hair don’t pick it as this can cause scarring and infection.

How long will your intimate wax last?

For first time intimate wax clients there will possibly be some hair growth within 2-3 weeks. Regular waxing will leave your intimate area hair-free for up to 6 weeks. Over time the density of hair may start to decrease and it will grow back softer and sparser. Each person will have different growth patterns but every woman will receive the same fantastic result after each intimate wax – beautifully smooth, soft, hair-free skin.

At waxu we know what women want from an intimate wax and the proof is in the happy clients that keep coming back month after month. Our completely unique wax blend and specially developed techniques, delivered by approved therapists guarantee a luxurious, long lasting and unbelievably comfortable intimate wax like you’ve never experienced before.

To book your waxu Signature Intimate Wax please use our handy waxing salon finder to find your closest waxu approved salon.