A Brazilian reasons to get an intimate wax

Stacie | 12th April 2016

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Although Christmas and New Year feels as if it was only yesterday it was actually a whopping 4 months ago! We are now well into Spring and the long awaited holiday season is just around the corner – whoop whoop! There are plenty of reasons to get your waxu Signature Intimate Wax booked in, here’s our favourite…

  1. Get beach body bikini ready
  2. Feel beautifully smooth, soft and silky, everywhere
  3. Achieve a much more thorough, closer, touchable result
  4. No more razor hassle or razor burn (ouch!)
  5. Feel 100% confident and comfortable, no matter how teeny weeny your bikini
  6. It’s quick, effective and much more convenient than other methods of hair removal
  7. You’ll benefit from softer, finer and sparser hair growth
  8. No more harsh, unsightly and uncomfortable stubble
  9. Feel clean and totally fresh
  10. Be hair free for longer

So if you needed an excuse to get beautifully smooth hair-free skin, now you’ve got 10! Get ready for summer and find an express intimate waxing salon near you today.