January salon of the month Beautification

Congratulations to Beautification!

Congratulations to beautification in Nottingham for being our waxu Salon of the Month. We took five to have a quick chat with the lovely ladies to find out a little more about why they love using waxu for in the salon and what their customers think of the waxu signature wax experience.

How long have you used waxu express intimate wax and why did you choose the brand?

We have been using the waxu range from the very get-go. We were one of the first salons to use the range once it was launched. We specialise in waxing and wouldn’t dream of using anything else!

What do you think makes waxu different from other waxing products on the market?

The waxes are effortless to use. They can be applied thinly and are removed much more quickly, making waxing treatments virtually pain-free. It’s great that the range is hypoallergenic so it can be used on clients who have sensitive skin.

What do you love most about using waxu?

The results speak for themselves. We love how thorough the wax is and how both waxes can be used in the intimate area. The smell of the waxes is divine!

What do your clients love about the waxu treatment?

They can’t believe how less painful it is. And less redness. Clients leave the salon feeling like they haven’t been waxed… it’s great!

What do you do to keep your clients coming back month after month?

Clients come back to us as they know that they will receive an excellent waxing treatment. They absolutely love the results and how pain-free it is!

If you were recommending waxu to other salons, what would you say the biggest benefit of having waxu as an offering has been for you?

The biggest benefit we find is that we can offer quicker treatments. Clients can be in and out in a flash with minimal discomfort. Less product is used making the range more cost effective for any business.

Visit beautification in Nottingham.

If you’re interested in using waxu in your own salon and would like to find out more information, get in touch with Jenny@waxu.co.uk.


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