waxu Salon of the Month – July 2019

Lauren | 2nd July 2019

Congratulations to Melanie at Perfected by Melanie Mortimer!

Congratulations to Melanie in Farnsfield for being our waxu Salon of the Month for June, 2019. We took five to have a quick chat with Melanie to find out a little more about why they love waxu for their salon and what their customers think of the waxu signature wax experience.

How long have you used waxu express intimate wax and why did you choose the brand?

I have been using the brand for around 9 months, as a wax client prior to offering wax services at my salon, there was no other option for me! I’ve always loved the results waxu gave me and knew without question it would be my product of choice to service my clients.

What do you think makes waxu different from other waxing products on the market?

So many things, the texture, the fragrance and the colour. Most importantly the results, it clings to the tiniest hair meaning that clients don’t have the torture of growing hair for their first treatment.

What do you love most about using waxu?

I love how the product is so versatile. From a simple leg wax to intimate waxing, ears and nostrils. waxu will remove all hair from literally every imaginable location!

What do your clients love about the waxu treatment?

They simply love the results, it is pain free and the sparseness of the regrowth is a big winner for my clients, they save so much time over shaving and they love how great the skin looks and feels. 

What do you do to keep your clients coming back month after month?

I offer good aftercare advice to my clients, ensuring they get the best results from their wax, my clients trust me and my judgment of when they will next need a treatment. I always rebook them for their next appointment before they leave to ensure no disappointment. However I have to say once my clients have been waxu-d they wouldn’t go anywhere else!

If you were recommending waxu to other salons, what would you say the biggest benefit of having waxu as an offering has been for you?

As a small business the support from waxu and the training has been excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend waxu to anyone. 

Visit Melanie on Southwell Road in Farnsfield.

If you’re interested in using waxu in your own salon and would like to find out more information, get in touch with Jenny@waxu.co.uk.

We’re currently running a series of accredited training courses and you can find out more information here.