Don’t take our word for it

Lauren | 16th September 2015

There’s nothing we love more than hearing our clients response to our signature treatment – especially when it’s for the first time. Please share your experiences with us so that we know what we’re doing wrong and what we’re doing absolutely right xx

Here’s one from this week…

Hearing all the the hype about waxu I thought I’d try it out for myself and see what all the fuss is about. My friends that have recently had one have been raving about it and I don’t like to miss out! I’m not a huge fan of intimate waxing, who is? It’s just something that has to be done. I’ve had some pretty bad experiences in the past and some decent ones too but today I had the best best wax of my life.

The room smelt lovely and you could really smell the quality of the wax. The therapist was super professional and instantly put me at ease. The technique she used was different to what I’m used to and when waxu say express wax they’re not kidding. I had a complete Hollywood in less than 10 minutes. No pain whatsoever and completely comfortable at all times. I did not experience any redness or stinging during or after the treatment and their pre and post wax products are devine. I’m totally hooked and actually left feeling pampered which is not a word you would usually associate with intimate waxing! Thank you waxu from me and from women everywhere! I’ll be back.
Valued client – Beautification, Nottingham.