My First Intimate Wax

waxu Client Review

I’ve often heard friends talk about getting a brazillian or hollywood wax and thought I wish I had the confidence to have one. After shaving for over a decade you sort of just get stuck in a rut thinking there’s no alternative methods of hair removal.

Until this year that is… a friend of mine goes to a salon based in Nottingham every month and since I had a holiday coming up she suggested I should give it a go. So I did! I booked in for my very first Express Intimate Wax for the day before my flight. I was nervous and excited. After searching the internet for a while to try and find what to expect I found myself jumping from site to site. In the end I tried the waxu site and luckily there was a few helpful blogs to prepare myself.

Wax day – so the day quickly came round and I arrived at the salon around 5 minutes prior to my appointment time. The therapist greeted me with a friendly smile and lead me to a nice private room. My first impressions were that the room was very clean and tidy. All the waxing equipment looked immaculate and the room felt very sanitised (which I read is very important to look out for). The therapist asked me if I had ever been waxed before and we had a little chat about what to expect. She told me to slip my clothes off waist down and position myself on the bed with the towel provided. She gave me a few minutes to get ready then came back into the room.

Of course I felt a little exposed and embarrassed but the therapist was so great. She was calm and friendly and somehow made me feel comfortable! She got straight to work testing the wax on my leg to ensure the temperature was fine. She explained what she was doing making me feel a little more in control.

As for the pain, I won’t lie yes it hurt a little after a decade of shaving, my hair is very coarse so that was inevitable but the pain is nothing like any of the horror stories you come across online, it wasn’t uncomfortable in any way! The technique she used was great – I was involved in the waxing process as she asked me to place my hands and stretch the skin which surprisingly really made a difference. She also put direct contact to my skin after each strip removal which also helped to minimise any discomfort.

Throughout the treatment I asked her questions which she was more than happy to answer. She knew all about the wax and was so quick and thorough! I was expecting to be on the bed for some time as I read an article on the internet saying a full hollywood wax can take up to an hour with some therapists! So I was pleasantly surprised that her excellent techniques took less than 20 minutes to complete the full wax!

After the treatment the therapist left me to get changed then fully explained the importance of aftercare handed me a detailed list of do’s and don’ts. I paid for the treatment and left the salon feeling pretty good! Arriving back home I checked out the results and was so impressed! The mixture of the therapist’s great technique and the wax left me with no visible hair at all and I was left with super smooth results! Nothing like after shaving and your still left with the dark shadows of hair just under the skin!

2 weeks in Mexico – my friend assured me that the waxing results would last throughout the holiday. I will be honest… I thought that was ludacris! To keep a hair free bikini area on holiday surely means shaving every other day, if not every day!

I was wrong – the waxing lasted my entire 14 days in Mexico! I didn’t once use a razor on my bikini area. No shaving rash, no ingrown hairs, more importantly no hassle of having to actually shave! Just super smooth results to leave me bikini ready.

Once back in the UK I was so impressed with how the hair was actually growing back. The hair usually grows back thick and coarse but after the wax the hair was growing back soft, fine and really sparse! Almost not as offensive as after shaving. So this is me now fully committed to a waxu Express Signature Intimate wax every month! My only regret is the fact that I had not tried this earlier in my life! I think back to the amount of razors i’ve used, how much time i’ve wasted shaving with no good results and how many ingrown hairs i’ve endured!

An impressed 28 year old from Derby.


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