Hair Removal Techniques


Keeping on top of hair removal can be such a pain! It’s fair to say all we actually want is a quick, easy and efficient form of hair removal that we can incorporate into our busy lives!

It’s quite overwhelming when you start looking at the various ways to remove your unwanted hair (especially in your intimate area). The media are quick to feed us all the horror stories about shaving, waxing and IPL treatment but it doesn’t have to be a painful decision! Our team of intimate waxing professionals have compiled a list of 5 different hair removal techniques and the pros and cons of each method! Have a read of our handy guide and see which option is the best option for you.

Explanation: The use of a blade that cuts the hair at skin level.

• Considered convenient as you can shave anytime you want at home.
• Comfortable as you can shave yourself.
• Pretty much pain free.

• Very hard to remove all of the visible hair.
• Takes a lot of time in the bath or shower.
• Very easy to cut your skin with the razor.
• Only removes the hair from the surface so usually left with a shadow of the hair that’s directly under the skin.
• Leaves you very prone to ‘shaving rash’ and ingrown hairs.
• The stubble is very prickly as shaving the hair causes it to grow back very coarse.
• The regrowth is almost immediate.
• Some areas can be very hard to reach. Especially in intimate areas!
• A good quality razor and blade can be very expensive considering how many you can get through per month.

IPL Light Treatment
Explanation: A narrow beam of concentrated light focusing on small sections of your skin.

• Following a full waxing course the IPL treatment can be a permanent way of hair removal.
• During the course the hair can be finer and softer.

• IPL light treatment can be very expensive.
• Can take months of the treatment until you get results.
• Not always successful.
• Post treatment skin is very sensitive. Especially in intimate areas!
• Can also cause scarring of the skin.

Explanation: An electric hair removal appliance. Like electronic tweezers, when the appliance is moved across the surface of the skin it pulls the hair from the root.

• Removes hair as short as 0.5mm.
• You can use the appliance yourself.
• Regrowth can be thinner and softer.

• Can be uncomfortable.
• Some areas can be very hard to reach. Especially in intimate areas!
• The appliance can be costly.
• Time consuming.

Depilatory Creams
Explanation: Chemical depilatories are available in gel, cream, lotion, aerosol, roll-on, and powder forms. The lotion is to be applied to the skin as instructed and then left for a certain amount of time. The cream then gets to work dissolving the hair then a spatular usually provided pretty much scrapes the hair away!

• It’s easy, just apply the cream, sit and wait.
• Painless way of hair removal.

• If you aren’t careful and mindful you can have some very nasty side effects to the depilatory creams. Especially in intimate areas!
• They usually smell really bad.
• Only removing the hair from the surface.
• Can get quite messy.

Explanation: Hair removal by the use of hot and warm wax. The wax sticks to the hair shaft and on removal extracts the hair directly from the root. Waxing can be performed at home or in a waxing salon by a trained professional.

• Very quick process.
• Lasts up to 6 weeks.
• Hair grows back finer, softer and sparser.
• The ease of spending less than an hour a month on hair removal.

• The first few salon visits can be a little daunting.

There are lots of waxing products on the market but waxu express intimate wax has been specifically designed for use on the intimate area. waxu is the next generation in intimate hair removal and our advanced formula and industry leading training ensures that every waxing experience really is incredible, every single time, no matter where you get it done.  At waxu we understand that your first few intimate waxes can be a little bit daunting but please don’t worry – all of our therapists have been specially trained and they have seen it all before – you’ll be in and out and beautifully hair free before you know it. You can use our handy waxing salon finder to locate a waxu approved salon near you!

So there you are, 5 totally different types of hair removal. Every person will feel different and prefer certain methods depending on your lifestyle but hopefully this guide will help you pick the best option for you.



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