Salon of the Month – November

Congratulations to Georgia and Charlotte from Simpsons City Centre Champagne Nail and Beauty Salon in Lincoln for being our Salon of the Month for November. We sat down with the girls for a quick chat about why they chose waxu for their salon and what their customers think of the waxu signature wax.

How long have you used waxu express intimate wax and why did you choose the brand?

We started using Waxu this year, we chose this brand because of the fast effective results you receive from the treatment.

What do you think makes waxu different from other waxing products on the market?

It is a lot quicker and easier to apply than most waxes, perfect for intimate areas.

What do you love most about using waxu?

The quickness and easiness of the application and that the clients are a lot more comfortable.

What do your clients love about the waxu treatment?

That it is fast and effective, a lot less painful than other waxes and smells a lot more pleasant!

What do you do to keep your clients coming back month after month?

We always ensure we are giving the highest standards of treatment, making sure the client is as comfortable as possible prior, during and post treatment, we always give each client the best aftercare to ensure they are achieving the results they want from the treatment.

If you were recommending waxu to other salons, what would you say the biggest benefit of having waxu as an offering has been for you?

I would say that it has made waxing appointments a lot quicker which benefits us and the client, clients are leaving happier and a lot more comfortable due to the gentleness of the wax of the skin, you will also use a lot less product as the application is so nice and thin.

If you are in the area make sure you check them out!

Simpsons City Centre Champagne Nail and Beauty Salon
4 Guildhall Street


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