Salon of the Month – October

Stacie | 3rd October 2018

Congratulations to Kimberley from The Beauty Loft in Lincoln for being our Salon of the Month for October. We sat down with Kimberley for a quick chat about why she chose waxu for her salon and what her customers think of the waxu signature wax.

How long have you used waxu express intimate wax and why did you choose the brand?

We have been using waxu for about 2 years and we choose it because when I tried it at Professional Beauty Trade show I fell in love with it! I have always struggled to find a brand of wax that will give clients the ultimate comfortable and smooth intimate wax.

What do you think makes waxu different from other waxing products on the market?

The waxu product itself is amazing there is no other wax on the market like it. The waxu Technique for the most comfortable and speedy wax is what sells it for me!

What do you love most about using waxu?

My favourite thing about using waxu is the confidence I have in the product. It will deliver everytime and you don’t have to second guess it. It is the best!

What do your clients love about the waxu treatment?

Clients love the speed and precision and the fact it is pink!!!

What do you do to keep your clients coming back month after month?

Keep the same high standard with training all our therapists!

If you were recommending waxu to other salons, what would you say the biggest benefit of having waxu as an offering has been for you?

It enables everyone to have intimate waxing in their style in comfort and speed! No blushes!

If you are in the area make sure you check them out!

The Beauty Loft
22 Guildhall Street