waxu hits international shores!

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We are extremely excited to announce that waxu is now officially available internationally.

This week our founder Gemma and her team of intimate waxing professionals have flown to Iceland to provide waxu express intimate wax training to the therapists at Snyrtistofan Hrund, a stunning beauty salon based in the heart of Reykjavik. An established and highly reputable salon, Snyrtistofan Hrund offers a wide range of premium treatments and waxu is delighted to have been hand picked as their dedicated intimate waxing partner.

The waxu signature express intimate wax will be available at Snyrtistofan Hrund later this week after the training has been completed and will be offered alongside other prestigious brands such as Clarins, Guinot, Essie and Real Techniques in the salon.

Moving into international markets was the natural next step for waxu and is inline with the businesses overall growth plan. “From the beginning my goal was to give women everywhere access to the best intimate wax experience possible.” States Gemma Cafferkey, waxu’s owner and founder. “We’re really proud of our products and we want to give exceptional therapists the opportunity to share them with exceptional women everywhere, not just in the UK and I am thrilled that we have been able to expand so quickly.”

waxu products are only available to waxing salons who have been trained and approved by waxu and Gemma’s dedication to this brand value is evident in the hand training of the therapists at Snyrtistofan Hrund “waxu promises women the best intimate wax of their lives and we’re 100% committed to training every therapist who works with our products, regardless of how far we have to travel!” continues Gemma. “This will not change as the brand grows and spreads further afield.”

Following our launch into the market last September, waxu is growing at an exponential rate. Word of waxu’s Signature treatment is spreading fast and women all over the country are asking for waxu to come to a salon near them. If you’re a waxing professional who would like to offer an exceptional intimate wax service to your clients and wants to benefit from being part of the UK’s fastest growing intimate waxing brand get in touch to join the waxu family.

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