Testimonials from Reykjavik Iceland!

Stacie | 28th April 2016


Our intimate waxing professionals are now back on British soil after a wonderful few days training in Reykjavik, Iceland. Gemma and her team of professionals provided the salon with waxu’s Express Signature Intimate Wax Training.

Here are a few testimonials from the lovely therapists at Snyrtistofan Hrund…

“Brilliant and professional training. Really love the wax. Looking forward to working with it!”

“Teachers are very professional and beautiful. Really looking forward to working with waxu. I think its brilliant. Thanks!”

“waxu is a very good wax. Good to work with, fast drying time and gives a good end result. The teachers were nice and very professional – the training was very good.”

We welcome you all to the waxu family and are very excited to have you on board.