Why Choose waxu for your Next Intimate Bikini Line Wax

Stacie | 14th June 2016

waxu express intimate waxing

Intimate waxing is the removal of hair in and around the intimate area by a trained therapist using a specialist hot wax. The wax sticks to the hair shaft and on removal extracts the hair directly from the root, as opposed to at skin level as with shaving and use of a depilatory cream. Bikini Waxing is a quick, clean and hygienic method of long lasting hair removal and is the best way of achieving a beautiful, bikini ready body without the hassle of shaving or the expense of permanent hair removal.

Regular waxing will leave the intimate area hair-free for up to 6 weeks. Over time the density of hair will start to decrease, growing back softer, finer, sparser and slower – so waxing gets easier, more comfortable and quicker every time. Despite differing growth patterns, every woman will receive the same result after every intimate bikini line wax – beautifully smooth, soft, hair-free skin.

With over 12 years experience in the industry, our founder Gemma has tried and tested all of the major waxing brands available on the market. Due her own dissatisfaction as both a woman and an intimate waxing professional she set out to produce a superior intimate waxing brand and training service to ensure women everywhere receive an excellent intimate wax, every time. We now proud to be the UK’s leading express intimate waxing brand!

Unlike any other depilatory wax, or treatments such as sugaring, waxu is the only long lasting hair removal product that has been specifically developed for the intimate area. waxu’s high-performance formula and unique wax blend, combined with our advanced intimate waxing technique, delivers an incredible waxing experience, making waxu the most advanced hair removal treatment for the intimate area on the market.

In comparison to sugaring, which is an ancient form of hair removal made from sugar, lemon juice and water, waxu is a modern treatment made for women of today. At waxu we understand women’s needs, and have created a wax that is not only more comfortable and gentle on the skin, but is super fast. Incredibly time efficient waxu is a truly express intimate wax, delivered by our trained intimate wax therapists in 20 minutes or less!

At waxu we’re committed to training every therapist who works with our products. Our unique technique which includes the stretching of the the skin by both the client and the therapist, our own technique of application and removal of the wax and immediate contact with the skin to suppress nerve endings is taught to all waxu therapists on our training days.

waxu really is the next generation in intimate hair removal and our advanced formula and industry leading training ensures that every waxing experience really is incredible, every single time, no matter where the client has it done.

[expander_maker more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]It can seem like a daunting or even a downright terrifying thought of some stranger pouring hot wax “down there” and then ripping hair out. But lucky for you, you can get only the best bikini waxing services by visiting WaxU Express Intimate Waxing anytime.We offer both Brazilian and French bikini waxing which leave you looking smoother than ever.Below is a detailed description of the two mentioned earlier so as to help you choose the most appropriate one in accordance to your needs next time you swing by our spa.

The two solutions can be used anytime to remove genital hairs that develop on the swimsuit line area.However, each has a different outcome from the other.

Even though the Brazilian bikini waxing process eradicates all hair, French waxing usually leaves a small vertical strip of pubic hair that measures about 3 fingers wide. And depending on where you get it, there may be an inverted triangular patch of bikini hair left behind.
The French bikini wax will not get rid of the hair that develops in the woman’s buttock region while the Brazil bikini wax does. On the other hand, the hair that grows around the part of the inner labia will usually be eliminated in a French bikini waxing treatment.

Just as is the case along with the Brazilian wax, the French bikini wax will require the customers to remove their panties. Neither waxing method is an option if this is not needed by the client. Moreover, in a Brazilian bikini wax, the aesthetician needs to have the patients lie down in positions which will expose their most personal part areas, such as opening their legs wide open just as an example.

Normally when a woman goes to wax the first time the French bikini wax is the initial option chosen so that she can go through the process without the need to go the whole distance.
The key reason why the treatment is referred to as the French bikini wax is because it’s designed for a woman who likes to put on a swimsuit or another kind of scanty outfit while not exposing hair. The hairs that happen to be located at the lower parts and other surrounding areas of the female private area are removed and a skinny, narrow strip of hair is left around the upper portion. The undesirable body hairs found on the thighs, buttock region along with the sides of the private area are cleaned up and removed according to the client’s personal preference.[/expander_maker]