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Stacie | 13th May 2016

waxu Express Intimate Waxing are delighted to announce that they will be exhibiting at Beauty UK on Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd May at NEC Birmingham.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Britain and proud to be accredited with the Made in Britain marque, waxu is the UK’s only dedicated intimate waxing collection. ‘We’ve spent years perfecting our completely unique wax blend, which has been developed specifically for the intimate area.’ states Gemma Cafferkey, Founder, waxu Express Intimate Waxing. ‘If wax is too soft and sticky, it doesn’t have as much dilatancy and stretches and strings. This leads to lifting/bruising of the skin and often snaps the hair near the surface of the skin resulting in a painful and ineffective wax, particularly in the intimate area’.

waxu have developed their own method of stabilisation which gives 100% colophonium performance, while remaining completely stable. This results in an extremely dilatant* wax without any of the negatives normally associated with using plain colophonium. This method of stabilisation is more expensive than other methods, so it does add cost to the end product and as of yet waxu are the only waxing brand to stabilise the colophonium in this way. ‘Our cutting-edge formulation is made from 100% pure ingredients and the highest quality resins, rather than the derivatives, dilutions and substitutes used by other waxing brands – it is hands down the most premium, stable and highest performing wax available’ confirms Gemma.

In addition the waxu Signature treatment combines their high performance wax formula with their advanced waxing technique to deliver the best intimate waxing service on the market. ‘We are committed to training every therapist who works with their products, making sure the waxu experience really is incredible, every single time.’ continues Gemma. ‘The waxu product range is only available to waxing salons that have been trained by our expert therapists and who have been approved by us to carry out our treatments.’ Once trained waxu therapists can achieve extraordinarily smooth results, faster than ever before. This translates to real and measurable business benefits for salons and independent therapists; less wax and increased performance means more profit, and less time means more appointments and more revenue.

As well as showcasing their capsule collection of four luxurious intimate waxing products and accompanying branded accessories, waxu will be offering their Signature treatment in their own private waxing room on stand so that therapists can experience waxu first hand. Stand visitors will also be able to take advantage of a choice of three exclusive introductory offers which will only be available at the show. Providing everything a salon or independent therapist needs to set up as a waxu approved salon the packs also include FREE training.

If you’re a waxing professional who would like to offer an exceptional intimate wax service to your clients and wants to benefit from being part of the UK’s only dedicated intimate waxing brand visit waxu at Stand T32.

* A dilatant wax gets thicker and increases in viscosity under sheer. This means that when it is removed quickly it gets very hard and grabs the hair firmly whilst not sticking to the skin, plucking the hair out very cleanly right from the root.

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