Intimate Waxing Guide

Intimate waxing is the removal of hair in and around the intimate area by a trained therapist using a specialist hot wax. The wax sticks to the hair shaft and on removal extracts the hair directly from the root. Intimate waxing is a quick, clean and hygienic method of long lasting hair removal and is the best way of achieving a beautiful bikini ready body without the hassle of shaving or the expense of permanent hair removal.

Regular waxing will leave your intimate area hair-free for up to 6 weeks. Over time the density of hair will start to decrease and it will grow back softer, finer, sparser and slower – so waxing gets easier, more comfortable and quicker every time. Each person will have different growth patterns but every woman will receive the same result after every intimate wax – beautifully smooth, soft, hair-free skin.

How much hair you want removing is an individual choice and varies from woman to woman. From a little off on the sides to the removal of every last hair there are various options available for keeping your intimate area groomed and gorgeous. If you’re a waxing newbie here’s a quick overview of the most popular options:

Bikini Wax
The Bikini removes hair from the pant line and the top inner part of the thighs and a small way in, leaving a fuller hair growth pattern on the top of the pubic mound. This waxing treatment is a more modest wax and removes all hair growth that would stray out of a basic pant line. This is a great starting point if you’re a waxing newbie or are just looking for a quick tidy to make sure you are only showing what you want to!

Brazilian Wax
The Brazilian, also knows as the ‘Landing Strip’ is the removal of all hair from the intimate area (front and back), apart from a single strip of hair, typically around 1 inch thick on the pubic mound. The strip can be as thick or thin as you like so just make sure you specify before hand. The Brazilian is a great choice if you still want to keep a small amount of defined hair but want everything else removed on top and right the way through.

Martini Wax
The Martini, or ‘Triangle’ is a variation of the Brazilian, but rather than a strip it leaves a neat triangle (martini glass shape) positioned on the pubic mound. Again The Martini is a great choice if you still want to keep a small amount of defined hair but want everything else removed on top and right the way through.

Hollywood Wax
The Hollywood, also known as the ‘Sphinx’ or ‘Full Brazilian’ is the complete removal of all hair from the intimate area. The perfect option if you wear a thong, or want to be completely hairless.

At waxu we specialise in fast and thorough hair removal. Our signature intimate wax is our most popular option; this waxing treatment removes all hair starting from the edge of your pant line right through to your inner and outer labia and all hair around your anus. Our signature intimate wax has the option to leave a strip on your pubic mound a width and length of your choice, if you wish. waxu is a million miles away from a traditional bikini wax; it is the next generation of express intimate waxing and once they’ve tried it, our clients tell us there’s no going back. Join the waxu revolution and find an express intimate waxing salon near you.


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