Therapist of the Month – November


Congratulations to Sarah from Sante Spa for being waxu’s therapist of the month for November!

Sante Spa is based at David Lloyd gym on Aspley Lane, Nottingham. You can book your waxu Express Intimate Wax now on 0844 742 2128.

How does it feel to be therapist of the month?

“I feel extremely happy and proud to be chosen for waxu therapist of the month”.

How long have you been using waxu express intimate waxing and why did you initially choose the brand?

“We brought waxu into the waxing salon around 3 months ago. The wax is good for sensitive skin, easy to use and less painful – so better for our clients”.

What do you love most about waxu?

“Definitely the quickness – I can perform an intimate wax in less time. The wax dries quicker than other wax products on the market”.

What do you do to keep your clients coming back month after month?

“We ensure they are comfortable throughout the treatment and satisfied with the results. We also do monthly offers to keep customers returning”.


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